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"The point of life is to reach perfection and tell it to others."
Richard Bach


"Great minds set goals, other people follow their wishes"
Washington Irving


"The thoughts of better minds always become the opinion of society"
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"Not the stupid one who doesn't know, the one who doesn't want to know"
Gregory Skovoroda

School of Underground Mining 2010

IV International Scientific and Practical Conference "School of Underground Mining" was dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the foundation of the Underground Mining Department of the National Mining University.


Presentations of the first day of the conference

1. Y. Cherednichenko, VI Bondarenko Global coal reserves and thinner production trends.

2. Pivnyak GG, Beshta AS Efficiency of water supply regulationprinciples.

3. Voronin SA Introduction of innovative technologies of coal mining from combine and lathe lavas.

4. Presentation of Busyrus Europe GmbH.

5. Koval A.I. Problems of protection of excavation workings in the layered array of weak rocks during mining of coal rocks.

6. Prusek S. Review of support systems and methods for the prediction of gateroads deformation.

7. Kuzmenko AM, Kozlov AA, Heilo AV The influence of the location of mining in the excavation field on the stress-strain state of the mountain massif in the area of ​​cleaning operations.

8. Vyalyi KI, Pilyugin VI, Kochin AE, Romanov AN Development of promising mining development programs using three-dimensional models of mining systems.

9. Brazina M., Verbich F. Hornonitrian baths Prievidza Company (HBP) from Slovakia.

The report of Ph.D. V.V. Fomicheva on "Relationship of the VAT of elements of the system" array-mounting "with the strength characteristics of lateral rocks", which presents the results of studies of the influence of the strength characteristics of weak rocks containing formation production on the VAT of the elements of the system "layered array-mounting production of boundary and extrinsic deformation conditions and a report by Artur Dychko (Institute of Mineral Raw Materials and Energy, Krakow, Poland) "Information Technologies in the Polish Mining Industry", which offers an information system for is an opportunity to significantly expand the simulation of production processes, monitoring technological situation and take appropriate decisions in this sector. The issues of underground gasification of coal seams, manifestations of rock pressure in different periods of development of the process of displacement of fake rocks during the extraction of coal seams, application of new software, etc. were also considered.

    During the conference, leading coal mining experts exchanged opinions and impressions. This was the second day of our School.

    The third day was presented by 8 reports. Of particular interest were the issues addressed in the reports of V.M. Okalelova (Donbass State Technical University, Alchevsk) "Investigation of the character of the change in the length of mine workings over time of the mine" and P.M. Dolzhikov (East Ukrainian National University named after V. Dahl) "Technological and organizational problems in coal mining in long benches".

    The reports of our Polish colleagues from the Main Institute of Mining (Katowice, Poland), Andrzej Valentek and Oleksandr Vrana, were very interesting and provoked a lively discussion.

   The meeting was completed by G.Ya. Mishchenko (SCF "Mascart", Dnepropetrovsk) report on the topic: "Experience of using MEGAFORS friction nanomodifier in industrial equipment". The implementation of the company "Mascart" made it possible to obtain the Record of Ukraine.

    The final plenary session included 6 presentations, including a report by Prof. OHM. Kuzmenka (Head of the Scientific and Methodological Council, NSU) about new training plans for mining specialists, which provoked an energetic discussion.


Reports of the second day of the conference

1. Buzilo VI, Savelyeva TS, Savelyev VV Creation of underground mining and processing plant based on the Kremenchug field of magnetite quartzites.

2. Antoshchenko NI Influence of the depth of cleaning operations on the maximum displacement of the earth's surface during the mining of coal seams.

3. Kovalevskaya IA, Fomichev VV Optimization of parameters of frame anchorage of sub-preparatory workings by computer simulation.

4. Kirichenko V.Ya. Metal frame screeds of new technical level.

5. Akmayev AI Improvement of the methodology of managerial solutions substantiation in the coal mining industry.

6. Stupnik NI, Pismenny SV Determination of parameters of collapse funnel in the zone of underground mining in the development of iron ore deposits.

7. Nikonets VI Bolting for mining workings in clay rocks and ores.

8. Rotkegel M. Influence of the shape of portal support of working junctions on its stress state.

9. Vladiko AB Possibility to apply a systematic approach for mining protection.

10. Gregorek Krzysztof, Brodnicki Edward Presentations by CENTRUM HYDRAULIKI and EUROTECH.


Reports of the third day of the conference

1. Okalelov VN Control of air distribution in complex-mechanized benches, working off high-carbon coal seams.

2. Bondarenko VI Studying the geomechanics of the mountain massif and issuing recommendations for the management of the roof with complete collapse in long benches (250-300 m), taking into account the high loads on the clearing.

3. Gaidai A.A. Optimization of physico-mechanical parameters of composite fuel during its occlusion.

4. Shirin LN Formation of gas hydrates while mine methane extraction and possible methods of problem solving.

5. Dichkovsky RE Analytical determination of material parameters and thermal balance and physical parameters of coal seam work-out on mine «Barbara», Poland.

6. Halimendik Yu.M., Bruy AV, Halimendik V.Yu. Maintaining the conjugation of the lava with the stream is the basis for the sustainability of the supported workings.

7. Zabolotny KS, Zhupiev AL, Panchenko OV Investigation of the stress-strain state of drums of reel hoists with a rubber rope.

8. Mamaikin AR, Lapko VV Methods of calculating the pressing value of frame support's props.

9. Kuzmenko AM, Furman AI, Usaty V.Yu. Modeling the stability of the form of high treatment chambers in systems of development of iron ore deposits with hardening tab.


Reports of the fourth day of the conference

1. Khomenko OE Technology of support for workings near to extraction chambers.

2. Ganushevich KA World experience and importance of gas hydrate research as an energy carrier.

3. Andreev MN, Boguslavsky EI Technology of development of sub-quarry reserves of Yakutia kimberlite tubes in complex hydrogeological conditions.

4. Medyanik V.Yu. Efficiency from the use of the combined system of development of shallow coal beds at great depths.

5. Romashchin EV, Saleev IA Technology in life.

6. Rajwa S. Dobór stand constructions in aspects of pracy obudowy zmechanizowanej.

7. Gorova AI, Pavlichenko AV, Kulin SL, Shkremetko OL Bio-indicative assessment of the impact of the degassing plant emissions on the state of the environment (on the example of the Chervonograd Mining Region).


Certificates were awarded on the fifth day.and nominations:

1. For the best report

2. For active participation

3. For the active participation of the organization


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