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"The point of life is to reach perfection and tell it to others."
Richard Bach


"Great minds set goals, other people follow their wishes"
Washington Irving


"The thoughts of better minds always become the opinion of society"
Philip Chesterfield


"Not the stupid one who doesn't know, the one who doesn't want to know"
Gregory Skovoroda

Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine                     DTEK Energo LLC                     DTEK Pavlogradugol

PJSC Secondary school «Pershotravenskoe»                     School "Ternovskoe"Secondary School «Dniprovskoe»                    School Pavlograd

SHU «them. Space Heroes »                    DTEK Dobropillyugol Coal LLC                    Secondary school «Belozerske»                    SHU «Dobropilske»

DTEK Oktyabrskaya CCP PJSC                    PJSC «DTEK Dobropilsk CHP»                    LLC Pavlogradskaya                    CZF Kurakhivska LLC

OJSC «Don Anthracite»                    JSC "Donetskstal - MoH"                    SHU "Pokrovskoe"                    Corum Group LLC

SE "STC" Coal Innovation "                    SE «Lvivvugillya»                    SE «Volynugol»                    SE "Selidovugol"

PE "Mirnogradugol"                    SE «Mine management« South Donbass №1 »

SE «Mine« South Donbass №3 them. MS Surgai »                    SE "Krasnoarmeyskugol"                    SE «Institute of UkrNDIproekt»

SE “Eastern GOK”                    LLC DTEK Research and Design Center                    JSC "Korum Light Miner Machine Building Plant"

State Paramilitary Mining and Rescue Service in the Coal Industry of Ukraine (Pavlograd) 

• 8th Military Rescue Squad                     • 10th Military Rescue Squad

Dnipropetrovsk Territorial Organization of the Union of Coal Industry Workers of Ukraine                    State Service of Ukraine for Labor

Ternovsk city council                    NTU Dnipro Polytechnic                    NTU "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

Poltava NTU. Y. Kondratyuk                    Kryvyi Rih National University                    Donbass State Technical University (Lisichansk)

East Ukrainian National University. V. Dahl (Severodonetsk)                    Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics. MS Polyakov NAS of Ukraine

Institute of Mining Process Physics, NAS of Ukraine (Dnipro)            Mokryansky Stone Quarry LLC # 3               PJSC "Novopoltavsky Stone Quarry"

JSC "Zaporizhzhya Iron and Steel Works"              Zaporizhzhya Career Management PJSC                  PJSC “Poltava Mining and Processing Plant

PJSC DTEK Komsomolets Donbass Mine                    JSC "Search, AS"                    PJSC «Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate Plant»

PJSC «EURAS Sukha Balka»                    Geomechanics                    Mascart LLC STP "Standard"                    ANA-TEMS LLC

Joy Global LLC                    DESEGA Holding Ukraine LLC                    LLC "Technical Supply"                    LLC Technical filtering materials

LLC "Ukrspetsnaladka"                    Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (Myrnohrad)                    NGO "Association of Coal Enterprises"

Institute of Mineral Resources and Energy of the Polish Academy of Sciences            Cracow Mining and Metallurgy Academy. S. Staszyca (Poland)

Main Institute of Mining (Poland)                    University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)                    Kazakh NTU. K.I. Satpayev

Karaganda National Technical University                    Kuzbass State Technical University. T.F. Gorbachev (Prokopevsk)

Moscow State Mining University                    Jurgin Institute of Technology (Kemerovo)                    CJSC Trane Teknikk (Elektrostal)

Company “Elsta Elektronika Sp. With o.o. S.K.A. ” (Poland)                    Tech-Trading Spółka Z o.o. (Poland)

Compensus Ltd (Poland)                    Eurotech Ltd (Poland)                    Consulting Company (Poland)                    LLC NPP "Ukr-Pol" (Poland)

PIAST Coal Mine (Poland)                    Jastrzębia Coal Union (Poland)                    Mon-Atom LLC (Mongolia)                    Bussyrus Company (Germany)

Xiangtan Huaxing Material Ltd Company (China)


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