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School of Underground Mining 2012

Ones again "Parus" sanatorium (Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Yalta) hosted the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference "School of Underground Mining" on September 24–28, 2012. More than 100 representatives of the mining profile from Ukraine, Poland, Russia and South Africa participated in the conference. The work of the conference combined scientific reports of prominent scientists and representatives of the mining industry, as well as holding round tables, cultural events and field trips. 


The conference was attended by representatives of the coal and mining industry of Ukraine, Poland, the Russian Federation, Mongolia, India. The number of participants was more than 100 people.

     More than 60 participants made presentations of topical, scientific and practical importance for the mining industry of the leading countries of the world. The most interesting reports were in the following areas:


The main working points of the conference should be presented in the following chronology:
09/24/2012 - Registration of conference participants, official opening of the conference, plenary session, hearing of scientific reports.
1. Vivcharenko A. Prospects for development of the coal industry of Ukraine for the period up to 2030.
2. Bondarenko V., Cherednichenko Yu., Chervatyuk V. Experience of application and prospects of selective extraction.
3. Koval A. “Sverdlovantratsit”: from public-private partnership to integration in DTEK.
4. Bulgakov S. Innovative methods and technologies in mineral enrichment.
5. B. Genc & E. Uludag Spontenous Combustion And Coal Dust Explosibility Related Mapping Of South African Coalfields.

6. Stupnik N., Kalinichenko V. Shift zone parameters and methods of control of their conditions during underground development of steep-sloping iron ore deposits in the Krivorozhsky basin.
7. Janusz Nowak Technical Problems Concerning Brown Coal Underground Gasification In Polish Geological Conditions.
8. Antoshchenko N. Complex and Separate Methods for the Prediction of Gas Release from Counterfeit Coal Formations and Rocks.
9. Kovalevskaya I. Presentation of monographs.

09/25/2012 - Listening to scientific reports:

1. Dolzhikov P. Method of calculation of parameters of increase of stability of workings in intensively fractured rocks of deep mines.

2. Falshtinsky V., Dychkovsky R. Methodical approach for substantiation of technological parameters of coal gasification at a bench installation.

3. Jan Kudelko Economic Aspects Of Development Strategy Of Mining Companies.

4. Kovalevskaya I., Fomichev V., Chervatyuk V. Formation of a finite element model of the system «forged massif - mountain mount».

5. Kasyan N., Sakhno I. Control of the stress-strain state of a mountain mass using non-explosive destructive materials.

6. Buzilo V. Energy efficiency analysis of lathe and combine technology for coal production.

7. Zubko S. Investigation of geomechanical processes in the mining of high-power ore deposits by chamber systems with a bookmark of the space generated.

8. Kirichenko V. Directions of improvement of lock joints of supports of preparatory workings.

9. Novikov, A., Petrenko, Yu. On the control of the processes of deformation and fracture of rocks around mining in deep mines.

10. Bondarenko V. European level mining. Training of mining engineers and masters.

11. Okalelov V. Methane release during lava transition of tectonic low-amplitude disturbances.

12. Henryk KARCZ, Polosenko A. Cooling by conditioning of underground mining. Experience in the use of underground air conditioning in fire fighting underground mining.

13. Aksenov V., Kazantsev A. Substantiation of necessity of creation of systems of mounting of mine workings at the passage on geovincester technology.

14. Khalimendik Y. Substantiation of parameters of rope anchors in the conditions of weak lateral rocks.


09/26/2012 - Work of round tables

ROUND TABLE №1 “Experience of application and problems of selective seizure” (Moderator - Director of the Institute of Correspondence Education of Higher Education University “NSU”, Associate Professor of the Department of RW VI Sulaev)

ROUND TABLE # 2 “Experience in the use of high-speed belt loaders in through-holes at the mines of LLC“ DTEK Sverdlovantratsit ”(Moderator - Director of Mine“ Dolzhanskaya - Kapitalnaya ”KE Skrypnik)

09/27/2012 - Work of round tables

ROUND TABLE No. 3 “Experience of using AZ-27.02.22 shock-absorber stabilizers with APZ.030 locks in the workings at the mines of DTEK Sverdlovantratsit LLC (Moderator - Director of OP“ Red Partisan Mine ”Tumikov KA)

ROUND TABLE No. 4 “Problems of methane release management in rescuing people and eliminating fires at excavation sites with complex degassing” (Moderator - Deputy Chief of GVGSS Central Staff, Belikov IB)

09/28/2012 - Listening to scientific reports, summarizing the conference, solemnly submitting nominations, commemorative signs and adopting a conference resolution.



1. Blaschuk M. Determination of kinematic parameters of the transmission of the geochrome with hydraulic cylinders in different phases of extension.

2. Zberovsky V. Hydrodynamic cavitation in energy-saving technologies for the mining industry.

3. Kuzmenko A. On the question of the zonation of the stresses of the rock mass on the way of movement of the seepage at the mining of mineral resources.

4. Sai E. The study of diffusion processes in the development of gas hydrate deposits.

5. Timofeev V. Discussion of the possibility of using a gear drive with a gear train in the transmission of the geohound.

6. Maximova E. The development of gas hydrates in the Black Sea Basin is an urgent task in the current search for alternative energy sources in Ukraine.

7. Martynov A. A comprehensive approach in solving the problem of high air temperatures in the workings of deep mines.

8. Biletsky V. Derivatography as a method for improving the structure of water on the solid surface of a mineral.

9. Ganushevich K. Development of methane hydrate deposits of the Black Sea by injection of carbon dioxide into them.

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