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"The point of life is to reach perfection and tell it to others."
Richard Bach


"Great minds set goals, other people follow their wishes"
Washington Irving


"The thoughts of better minds always become the opinion of society"
Philip Chesterfield


"Not the stupid one who doesn't know, the one who doesn't want to know"
Gregory Skovoroda

School of Underground Mining 2011

Next annual V International Scientific and Practical Conference "School of Underground Mining" was held from 2 to 8 of October 2011 on the southern shore Crimea in Gaspra town on the territory of the "Parus" sanatorium. The 2011 year's conference became an anniversary for all participants. Representatives of the coal and ore mining industry of Ukraine, Poland, Russian Federation, Mongolia and India attended the conference. The number of participants was more than 100 people. More than 60 participants made presentations that were relevant and had scientific and practical value for the mining industry of the leading countries of the world.




- the concept of reuse of precinct workings of high-load clearing holes;

- modern technologies of complex development of coal deposits of Ukraine in mining and geological conditions of thin and very thin layers;

- the method of determining the parameters of the earth's surface displacement zone during the underground development of steeply falling ore deposits;

- application of the gas analytic mine multifunctional system "Micon" for monitoring the operation of gas installations at coal mines;

- modern methodologies for computational modeling of mining facilities;

- new adhesion and chemical technology of clustering of peat, brown coal and enrichment wastes;

- technology of extraction of gas hydrates from the bottom of the Black Sea;

- method of fastening workpieces with oblivion of voids along the contour of the arch fastening with elastic shells;

- mining and graphical application to AutoCAD;

- experience of applying innovative technologies in the mining industry of Poland;

- methodological bases of synthesis of topological networks of coal mines.


During the conference, two roundtables were held to discuss major production issues at coal and iron ore enterprises.

     At the end of the conference, the most active participants in the Underground Design School were presented with certificates and certificates for the Best Report.


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