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"The point of life is to reach perfection and tell it to others."
Richard Bach


"Great minds set goals, other people follow their wishes"
Washington Irving


"The thoughts of better minds always become the opinion of society"
Philip Chesterfield


"Not the stupid one who doesn't know, the one who doesn't want to know"
Gregory Skovoroda

Reviews of the Ukrainian School of Mining Engineering

Dear colleagues!
In the year of the 120th anniversary of the foundation of our National Technical University "Dniprovsk Polytechnic" I congratulate the participants of the XIII International Scientific-Practical Conference "Ukrainian School of Mining Engineering" with special pleasure!
We live in the midst of global challenges in the areas of ecology, technology, economics, and fundamental change in Industry 4.0.
At one time, electrification affected all areas of people's lives, providing faster, cheaper, and more powerful energy. So the introduction of artificial intelligence will dramatically change our lives. This is a fundamental turning point in the history of mankind, which will take place in the next 8 - 10 years.
The latest artificial intelligence-based mining and processing technologies are already being developed and implemented at leading global coal, iron and copper companies by overseas companies such as Rio Tinto, Anglo American, Atlas Copco, Caterpillar and EE: , Poltava Mining and Metallurgical Complex, PO "Pokrovske".
It is nice to note that the Ukrainian School of Mining is the forefront of mining science, because the annual conferences discuss and discuss the latest modern and near-future technologies - virtual and augmented reality, modeling, Big Data, digitization, and a truly interesting virtual creation plan. and the future state of the mining facility based on digital twin technology.
I wish the participants of the conference fruitful discussions, effective results and inspiration in innovative search!



Rector of NTU "Dniprovsk Polytechnic",
Academician of NAS of Ukraine
Gennady Pivnyak 

Dear colleagues!
Exchange of best practices, recent achievements in the field of mining science and technology are the most important components of successful development of the coal industry of Ukraine. That is why holding scientific and practical conferences is a very pressing issue now.
Meetings of leading scientists and production representatives at the beginning of autumn in Crimea at the International scientific-practical conference "School of Underground mining" became traditional. The initiator of the event - the Department of Underground Mining of the State Mining University "National Mining University" with the support of the leading technical universities in Ukraine, mining profile and enterprises of the mining industry for the eighth time this year is meeting its guests.
I wish the participants of the conference creative success in scientific and technological activities, and the coal and mining industries of all countries participating in this conference, development and prosperity.
I express my confidence in the further dynamic development of the School of Underground mining and wish to expand the circle of participants of the conference.

Director of the Coal Industry Department of Ukraine
Oleksandr Vivcharenko


Dear participants of the conference!
In an era of rapid growth in the use of digital technologies and the creation of innovative projects, I particularly want to emphasize the role and importance of the Ukrainian School of Mining, which is being held for the 13th time.
This international conference gives an opportunity to look into the future, share best practices with Ukrainian and foreign colleagues, participate in panel discussions on digital mine issues, set ambitious goals and invariably achieve them.
DTEK has always held a leading position in the conference, sharing its unique expertise in the coal industry and drawing on new sources of inspiration in the reports of scientists and production colleagues.
I sincerely congratulate all of us on the launch of the Ukrainian School of Mining Engineering - 2019. I wish the participants creative success, new achievements and further improvement of their skills!


Coal Mining Director, DTEK Energo LLC
Mikhail Barabash

Dear participants of the conference!
" School of Underground mining -2013" is timely and relevant.
The exchange of scientific and technical information and best practices of the best mining enterprises of Ukraine and foreign countries is a very significant event for DTEK.
Founded in 2007, the annual international scientific and practical conference “School of Underground mining” demonstrates an example of information exchange, contacts and cooperation between manufacturers of mining equipment, creators of intellectual property and developers of new technologies for mining and processing of minerals.
DTEK is actively involved in this conference and is receiving the expected results from the use of innovative technologies in coal mining and enrichment.
I express confidence that SHPR-2013 will be interesting, effective and efficient.
I wish the conference participants success in their work and prosperity!


DTEK Coal Mining Director
Andrey Smirnov

                                                                                                                                Drodzy koledzy!

   Zapoznaliśmy się dawno temu w Polsce na I naukowo-praktycznej konferencji “Szkoła eksploatacji podziemnej”, którą organizowaliśmy jeszcze na początku lat 90. ubiegłego tysiąclecia. Od tego czasu nasze kontakty tylko rozszeżały się za każdym razem wychodząc na jakościowo nowy poziom. Byliśmy organizatorami Ukraińsko-Polskich i Polsko-Ukraińskich Górniczych Forów.
    W tym roku odbędzie się XXIII Ukraińska Szkoła Inżynierii Górniczej. Braliśmy udział w pracy poprzednich Szkół i byliśmy przerażeni energią i poświęceniem, które zakładają w tę pracę organizatorzy.
    Szczerze mówiąc, cieszymy się, że ta Szkoła za każdym razem zbiera coraz więcej uznanych naukowców i przedstawicieli górniczego sektoru Ukrainy i zza granicy oraz otrzymuje coraz większe uznanie na Ukrainie.
    Niestety, nie da się wymienić wszystkie inne wydarzenia, które odbyły się pomiędzy nami, na pewno znam jedno – nasza przyjaźń jest przeszła aprobację czasem, więc życzę wszystkim uczestnikom knferencji nowych naukowych osiągnięć i sukcesów we wszystkich waszych przedsięwzięciach.


Z wyrazem szcunku,

Przewodniczący Komitetu Organizacyjnego “Szkoły Eksploatacji Podziemnej” (Polska)
Jerzy Kicki 

Dear colleagues!
    “EURACOAL and its predecessor associations date back to the birth of the European Union – to the Treaty of Paris signed in 1951. It was co-operation on coal and steel that guaranteed peace in Europe and led to the Union. Looking to the future, EURACOAL members wish to contribute to a strong and dynamic Europe during the energy transition. So, as the EU looks towards its one hundredth anniversary, we must prepare for a transformation as important as the Industrial Revolution. The share of renewables – wind and solar PV – is growing, which means there is a greater need for backup for when the wind does not blow, especially on dark winter nights. Last week, in the UK, the lights went out because there was insufficient backup when power from a new offshore wind farm suddenly collapsed. Whilst energy storage technologies are being developed, their costs are far too high for industry and households. Thankfully, backup can be provided most effectively from existing coal-fired power stations which are already available, very affordable and remarkably flexible. Coal, especially indigenous coal, is our most secure and reliable energy resource. With the advances being made in coal mining technologies, we can look forward to securing a safer and more affordable energy transition”.


Yours sincerely,

Secretary General
Brian Ricketts  

Dear colleagues!
I am grateful to the participants and organizers of the conference for the opportunity to communicate and exchange information, bold scientific discussions and forecasts for the near future mining industry, which are, of course, based on the platform of intellectual technologies and artificial intelligence.
Corum Group is a regular and active participant in the Ukrainian School of Mining Engineering, as our product portfolio covers 80% of the entire spectrum of equipment required for underground mining, and allows us to offer our customers solutions aimed at optimizing investment costs in mining projects.
The long experience of working together with domestic and foreign participants of the School allowed us to confirm our main goal in interaction with clients - to ensure the maximum productivity of their work at minimum operating costs and total costs during the period of operation.
I sincerely congratulate all participants of the conference on its opening! I wish you creative success, new achievements, prosperity and warmth!


CEO of Corum Group
Mikhail Potapov

Dear conference participants!
I sincerely congratulate you on the occasion of the XXIII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Ukrainian School of Mining Engineering", which is intended to consider the urgent challenges of the present, which are facing one of the most important branches of the Ukrainian economy.
The tasks and problems of the domestic coal industry have never been simple and easy. However, in recent years, when energy security cannot have a sufficiently strong margin of safety, and the inevitable laws of the development of globalization processes require an active and adequate response - our actions and responses must be both balanced and timely.
We are weighted because we must clearly perceive the objective reality regarding the economic and resource potential of the state, taking into account national interests. Timely, because any delay threatens our country's irreversibility, loss of opportunities to be part of global trends in socio-economic development. And therefore - to have confidence in the future.
We are ready to share the experience, features of development and innovative development and, together with all interested parties, joint efforts to restore and enrich with new achievements the indispensable coal industry for our country.
I wish all participants and guests of the conference inspiration, good health and unwavering faith in the success of the chosen cause!


Yours sincerely,
General Director of JSC DMZ
Ildar Saliyev

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